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             Certified Organic and GAP FOOD SAFETY Certified By Quality Certification Services (Q.C.S) 


Big Bear Farms, Inc. is a family owned and operated Certified ORGANIC BLUEBERRY farm. We operate under the strict rules of the USDA - National Organic Program (NOP) and are certified by Quality Certification Services (QCS). Unlike many farms that only claim to be organic  we are the REAL DEAL and have the documents proudly on display to prove it.

 Why buy imported fruit from unregulated countries that have been sprayed with all types of banned chemicals when you can have better at lower prices.


 Not only do we supply the commercial market with blueberries, we also take pride in our ability to provide the individual local public comsumer with that personal touch in the growing, processing and packing that they deserve in supplying the needs of their families. 

  ** No order is too small and only USDA #1 quality is served. **


   We started in 1990 as a conventional farm but by 1991 we had stopped using any chemical pesticides in our production fields. The only thing that kept us from being organic was our use of regular chemical fertilizers. That changed in 2004. Today we meet all the NOP regulations by using NO synthetic herbicides, fungicides, miticides, insecticides or any other synthetic pesticides on our crops and only N.O.P. & Q.C.S. approved Organic fertilizers are used.


   We at BBFI are proud to provide for all orders from large brokered commercial sales to   individual walk-in retail customers.

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    Big Bear Farms, Inc. has for years been a proud participant in the Hillsborough County Agricultural Stewardship Program . We have been the primary sponsor for several years of the "Agriculture In The Classroom Programs" at our local elementary school resulting in State and local honors including:

                                   The Hillsborough Education Foundation "2003 Business Partner of the year" and

                                      The State Of Florida "2004 Agriculture In The Classroom Teacher of the Year".

    At the national level we have received the

                                                                       "2003 Epcot Disney Garden Of the Year" and

                                                             The National Gardening Assoc. "2004 Garden of the Year".

                                           Our efforts continue today with gardens as we try to teach our youth of today that  

                                                        ** FOOD DOES NOT COME FROM A TIN CAN AT WALMART.**

                  We at BBFI believe that the most important crop one can grow is a fertile mind. 

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